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GM tech2 VS GM mongoose Pro

1)What car models GM tech2 work with?
GM tech2, 1 portable GM diagnostic scanner, is incredibly potent. It’s capable of function for GM/SAAB/OPEL/SUZUKI/ISUZU/Holden, so long as the end users invest in the extra 32MB memory card (optional for GM, SAAB, OPEL, SUZUKI, ISUZU and Holden).

2)Can GM tech2 help programming?
GM tech2 supports programming, but the end users must devote about US$23 to get 1 added TIS2000.

3)GM tech2 expense customers about US$473
So should the users choose to use GM tech2 to plan, they need to have to pay out US$473 in total (US$450 key unit US$23 TIS2000)

GM Mongoose Pro benefits
1)What car models GM Mongoose Pro with?
GM Mongoose Pro only functions with GM car designs.
Please verify a lot more GM Mongoose Pro supported protocols as follows:

(1)Essential Attributes: Assistance for GM TIS2WEB Programming software
USB Diagnostics tool for CAN, J1850VPW, and Single-Wire CAN motor vehicles
Straightforward package deal with electronics contained within the cable.

(two)Bus Protocols
CAN Bus (capable of ISO 15765, GMLAN, J1939, and ISO14229)
J1850VPW / GM Class 2
Single Wire CAN

(3) Other
J2534 and J2534-1 compliant gadget driver
Industrial Selection (0 to 70 C)
Dimensions: 3inch x one.75inch
Operating Voltage: Bus-powered by USB
Host Interface: Full-speed twelve mbps USB 2.0 with J2534 device driver

2)Can GM Mongoose Pro support programming?
Yes, GM Mongoose Pro supports all module flash programming and protection method programming, and as compared to GM Tech2, GM Mongoose need no get a single additional tool.

3)GM Mongoose Pro only cost consumers about US$299.
If you’d like to have one particular tool to DIY, if you only choose to diagnose for GM, GM Mongoose Pro is an excellent instrument, it really is only US$299, much less costly than GM Tech2.

gm mongoose diagnosis and programming tool

gm mongoose diagnosis and programming tool

gm tech2 gm diagnostic scanner

gm tech2 gm diagnostic scanner


Autocom CDP Pro cables lost or damaged?

Possibly some users will get lost Autocom CDP Pro cables, or Autocom CDP Pro cables get broken, then exactly where to obtain Autocom CDP Pro cables replacement?
I am an old buyer of uobd2, just after I confirm one or a lot more of my Autocom CDP Pro cable get broken, I go to uobd2 and spend for the CDP Pro cables I want.

When you missing or get damaged the following CDP Pro for car cables:
PSA 30P Cable
PSA-2P Cable
Audi 2P 2P Cable
BENZ-38P Cable
BMW-20P Cable
OPEL-10P Cable
FIAT-3P Cable
Power Cable

In the event you lost or get damaged the following CDP Pro for truck cables:
7 pin Knorr,Wabco Trailer Cable
12 pin MAN Cable
37 pin MAN Cable
IVECO-30P Cable
SCANIA -16P Cable
BENZ-14P Cable
Renault-12P Cable
VOLVO-8P Cable

For those who uncover Iveco cable for autocom cdp pro for truck available can not perform properly, try and get new release Iveco cable to resolve this predicament. This brand-new Iveco cable for autocom cdp pro for truck is from



In a word, lost any with the above-mentioned autocom CDP pro cables for car and truck, that you are able to get from

digimasteriii update instruction, user guide and supported car models

digimaster iii is also called as digimaster 3, or D3 for shortly, in this post, the writer list five reasons explaining why we buy digimasterIII.

digimaster iii supports online update

Digimaster iii update way: Online update. This following link is digimasteriii update instruction supply digimaster iii digimaster 3 user guide video:

newly update digimaster iii own great advantages

1. DigiMaster-III Newly added key programming function

It is applicable for high-class cars such as Mercedes Benz and BMW. Innovative automatic mode for key programming technology, multi-language operation, the key programming complete in one go, effectively ensure the security of reading and writing data.

2. DigiMaster-III New Generation Core Framework

Applying the new G3 platform of Yanhua Tech and the innovative consumption mode of “Pay as you go”support the latest car, global synchronic upgrade, extend and integrate functions freely.

3. DigiMaster-III Intelligent Operation Platform

Upgrade the single-task system into intelligent multi-task and multi-thread operation system, extend functions freely and unlimitedly.

4. Upgrade the single-task system into intelligent multi-task and multi-thread operation system, extend functions freely and unlimitedly.

5. DigiMaster-III Comprehensive Upgraded Operation Interface

It breaks away from the original monotonous static interface, based on IE core technology to support rich and dynamic effects as well as advanced skin interface. And it is more beautiful and friendly, supports for many language around the world.

6. DigiMaster-III High Definition Digital Screen

Upgrade the low definition LCD color screen (320X240) to the imported HD digital TFT color screen (800X480) which applying the precision touch technology

digimaster iii adds more function compared to digimasterii

As known, digimasterii is designed mainly to program mileage, while digimasteriii add own more function, please see the details as follows:

1. Odometer correction

2. Audio decoding

3. Airbage reset

4. ECU programming

5. PIN Code Reading

6. BMW key programming

digimaster iii works with kinds of cars models

Let’s firstly check the link for digimastar3 vehicle list:

1.Support OBD-II interface odometer adjustment of Volkswagen, Audi, Benz, BMW and BMW 7 Series models: E65 CAS and the 2009 Audi A6L and Q7.
2. Read BMW CAS1/ 2/ 3 data by CAN interface.
3. Online reading BMW CAS1/ 2/ 3/ 3+/ 4, Mercedes-Benz EIS EEPROM and FLASH data by BDM.
4. Support the Mercedes-Benz S, C, E, odometer and EIS adjustment; Porsche, Ferrari, Bentley and other European luxury cars odometer adjustment; Chinese domestic car MCU and engineering machinery odometer adjustment;
5. Support the MOTOROLA/FREESCALE series CPU (including some CPU flash) data read and write.
6. Support key programming for Mercedes Benz and BMW series cars.

Odometer correction

Vehicles including cars from European, American, Japanese and Korea. Detail list as follows:
Alfa Cadillac Daihatsu Aston Martin Chrysler Honda Audi Ford Hyundai Bentley GM ISUZU BMW Lincoln KIA Benz Lexus Citroen Mazda FIAT Mitsubishi Ferrari Nissan Jaguar Proton Lamborghini SSangYong  Lancia Subaru Lotus SUZUKI Man Toyota Opel Peugeot Porsche   Renault Rover Saab Skoda Volvo Volkswagen Wiesmann    Truck Forkman Maserati    Othe vehicle Motorcycle Truck 

Airbag Resetting 

Peugeot  Citroen  Audi 

Key Programming 
BMW  Benz  



How to use Mercedes Benz SKC Mehaco star key calculator?

Today introduces a full new Mercedes Benz key calculator named Mercedes Benz SKC star key calculator by Mehaco. Generally speaking, SKC star key calculator help you generate up to 8 keys by yourself. Without removing any part even for MB cars with 7 years, you can read the EIS dump generate keys and start the car. SKC star key calculator supports HC05,HC08,HC12,9S12,NEC EZS,204,221,212,207,164.Our software has a micro auto detect, all what you need is just to load the file.

Want to know how to use Mercedes Benz SKC Mehaco star key calculator? Please visit:

DMW3 V3.26- Newborn Powerful Coder Reader for VW, Audi

DMW3 V3.26- Newborn Powerful Coder Reader for VW, Audi

What’s the look of DWM3 last generation? Its appearance is as the same as DWM3 V3.26-the latest version? Yeah, you are right. So, just to guess what such a small tool contains? DMW3 is small tool, blue and white cute look, with several ordinary keys on the keyboard, what it can do?

What the difference between the older DMW3 and the newest one? Want to discover the answers to these question, let have a glance at this cute and magic tool.

DMW3 unique feature:

The newest version-3.2.6 Version

No disassembling TDCL! No disassembling Chip, No Using PC!

Compatible with more car types of new years!



DMW3 is a new version hand-held car code reader for Audi Volkswagen cars. It supports almost all control module for Audi Volkswagen cars including the KWP1281 (K-Line), KWP2000 (K-Line), as well as KWP6000 CAN Bus) protocol. It can also change odometer, read anti-theft code, diagnose and program keys.

What’s the magic this new-born DMW3?

1.information read of control unit fault code
3.clear the fault code  
4.the implementation of component testing data stream
6.the basic setting
7.control unit coding
8.matching and adjustment
9.log in and authorization

Odometer Correction
1. VDO instruments (K-Line and CAN BUS)
2. Motometer dashboard (K-Line)
3. Marelli dashboard (CAN BUS)
4. Bosch dashboard (K-Line)

Anti-theft code reader
1. read the password for engine control unit
2. read password for anti-theft box
3. read password for dashboard

Key matching
1. control unit of anti-theft box
2. the dashboard control unit
3. Kessy control unit
Attention: DMW3 can not cover all VW or Audi cars.

With such a update tool, wondering its more compatible cars? Then, click:, the friendly customer service will be free to tell u more details.

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R250S-maybe you need

“hi , I looking for tool to help me program the mileage on golf 5 -2008 year wit micronas procesor,R 250S VW AUDI micronas programmer”
“I Need A PROGRAMMER FOR-MICRONAS PROTS.””i need micronas programmer tool,find out about -R 250 S”

this inquiry is from one of our south African customers. You guys guess what items I suggest for him after a whole night careful studying and my engineer hard working, OF course it  is R250S

Detailed Product Description :

Audi A3 / TT / VW Golf5 / Vento / Passat / Tiguan/ Jetta 2006/2007/2008/2009 Dashboard Programmer
            – All the software versions!
           – At the date of this writing

In the year 2006, starting from May, Siemens/VDO has added a new cryptography system that avoids reprogramming. By using our new R250 interface you can program also this new version with no problem.

IMPORTANT! This interface can program also the new Audi A3/TT 2007 made after June 2006 and ALL the Audi cars featuring the Micronas CDC3217 or CDC3297 and 2432 memory.

Our interface looks like a small box that needs to be connected to a PC running Win98/Me/XP. You only need to solder few wires to the board, read back the actual value and then write the new value with no limitations at all. Just one thing: remember that this interface works only with boards made by Siemens VDO featuring a Micronas microcontroller CDC3217 or CDC3297 and 24c32 or 2432 eeprom memory.

The R250S needs only a PC with a free RS232 connector or USB-RS232 adapter